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Quality control

In order to be able to navigate your genealogy or in order to transmit this lifelong effort amount of information, it is necessary to remain consistent in the way you write similar types of information.

The Gedcom standard is a strong reference for this and suggests an extensive way to structure and specify your information.

Even staying within the standard, there are sometimes various possibilities to enter locations, notes, sources, events, media, etc. You may therefore want to control the quality of your data to make sure is it consistent.

We have identified several types of controls you can make:

  • Gedcom compliance. Example : only one birth is possible for an individual, a tag is undefined, a date cannot be empty, etc.
  • Genealogical data consistency : invalid date, persons buried before their death, age difference between spouse too long, person too young to have a child, etc.
  • Places non in line with the place format
  • Multimedia object not found on disk

Ancestris provides a way to know if the information entered is consistent with the standard, consistent with each other, or aligned with a format.

To identify most of the anomalies listed above, you may go to Menu / Tools /  Validate Gedcom compliance and data consistency.

To rectify places and multimedia elements, you have File / Properties.