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The Ancestris Main Window Toolbar is a horizontal bar displaying a number of tools in the form of icons. It is located between the menu bar and the workspace.


There are also Toolbars for windows other than the main window. They are described in the corresponding pages of this documentation.

Toolbars can also be customized, at least partially. At the bottom of this page you will find a way to define their positions or directions.


Toolbar icons

The icons on the toolbar are organized in groups.

Each group corresponds to a logical set of similar actions.

The actions they execute are described in the corresponding menus.

Whether or not to display a group is configurable.


File group

The icons below belong to the File menu.

  • New.png Create a genealogy
  • OpenDefault.png Open <default file>
  • Open.png Open a genealogy
  • Close.png Close
  • Save.png Save

Clipboard group

The icons below belong to the Edit menu.

  • cut.gif Cut
  • copy.gif Copy
  • paste.gif Paste

Undo / Redo group

The icons below belong to the Edit menu.

  • undo.gif Undo
  • redo.gif Redo

Performance group

The icons below have purely technical functions. They are not displayed by default, they do not belong to any menu.


  • Memory usage graph and garbage collection
  • Taking a picture of the application's memory usage

Miscellaneous group

The icons below belong to the Edit menu and Tools menu.

  • treesharing.png Genealogy Search
  • Calc.png Calculator
  • WebBook.png Web Book
  • SosaNumbersIcon.png Display the De Cujus individual, or generate numbering if none exists.

Aries editor group

The icons below allow you to manage the genealogy entities linked to the Aries editor. They do not belong to any menu and are not displayed by default.

  • edit.png Edit this entity: to modify the entity currently activated in the genealogy.
  • indi_add.png Create an individual: to add an individual to the genealogy.
  • family_add.png Create a family: to add a family to the genealogy.
  • media_add.png Create a media: to add a multimedia element to the genealogy.
  • note_add.png Create a note: to add a note to the genealogy.
  • source_add.png Create a source: to add a source to the genealogy.
  • repository_add.png Create a repository: to add a repository to the genealogy.
  • submitter_add.png Create a submitter: to add an information submitter to the genealogy.

Navigation group

The icons below allow you to use general search. Their actions are described in the navigation bar and general search.

  • Back.png <Left arrow>: to display the previous entity in the navigation history.
  • Forward.png <Right arrow>: to display the next entity in the navigation history.
  • down.png <Small down arrow>: to show the navigation history and select an entity.
  • search.png Search input zone: general search throughout Ancestris and open genealogies.

Help group

The icons below belong to the Options menu and the Help menu.

  • Options.png Preferences, to access the Preferences panel.
  • About.png About Ancestris, to view some information about the software.
  • Help.png Help, to access this documentation.


Customizing the Toolbar

The Toolbar can be personalized, for example by moving the groups using the "handle" on the left, the small rectangular area covered with dotted lines in relief.

Here, the "Miscellaneous" Tool group is being moved to a second line of tools.


In general, windows that have toolbars can be customized in the same way, the menu can change direction, horizontal or vertical, on one of the edges of the window.

Because of the rather limited interest of this possibility, few windows with toolbar have this function. For those who have it, the affected toolbars have the small dotted area on their left.

Here is an example with the Toolbar of the Gedcom Editor.

  • Gedcom Editor toolbar in horizontal direction:


  • Gedcom Editor toolbar being moved in vertical direction:


  • Gedcom Editor toolbar in vertical direction: