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Update Ancestris

The Ancestris team constantly works on improving the Ancestris software.

All updates we make to the version you have are available to you automatically, and you do not have anything to do, whether you are using the Main version or the Daily version.

Automatic updates

You will receive an automatic notification for updates to the version you currently use, each time you start Ancestris.

When Ancestris starts, a small window will open for a few seconds at the lower right corner, indicating the number of available updates. Just click the link in this window and follow the steps. 


If you miss this window as it only appears for a few seconds, the little icon will remain available for you to click on it. The window above will reappear again.


If you click to get the updates, you will be asked to confirm to download the updates.


Click Next and Ancestris will download them. A progress bar will appear on the bottom right corner.


Ancestris then asks for your confirmation.



Click Continue and then, Ancestris will offer to restart. Click on the link. Ancestris will close and restart.



Proactive updates

It is also possible to retrieve updates at any time.

Just choose Options / Update Ancestris from the main menu bar.

The same assistant shown above will open.

As explained above, just follow the steps and Ancestris will offer to restart at the end.

If no updates are available, the following window will appear.



Knowing more about the updates

If you use Stable version 11

When we discover bugs that could impact your use of the Main version, we fix them and the update becomes available to you according to the instructions above.

These updates are very rare.

If you use daily version 12

Regarding the daily version, updates happen almost daily !

Minor updates

Most of the time, these updates are evolutions or new functionality.

These updates are available to you and happen on a regular basis.

You can benefit from them according to the description above.

That's it.

Structural updates

On rare occasions, certain Ancestris updates of daily version 11 happen in the core platform of Ancestris.

These changes can be simple menu translations or something major. For instance when we upgrade the underlying Netbeans platform on which Ancestris sits.

The Ancestris team will know when that happens, and will notify you through the forum or the discussion list and in the Recent updates panel of the Welcome window of Ancestris.

For instance, the image below shows an update of version 11 that occurred on June 2nd, 2020.


As usual, these updates will be available to you through the Automatic updates described above.

However, if you only apply these updates automatically, it will not reinstall the whole software. Therefore, either the new evolution will still not be available to you (e.g. menu translations), or maybe you will experience some major dysfunctions. Ancestris might just not work anymore.

Do not worry, you will notice if it happens and it will not alter your data.

To fully benefit from those changes, you will have to reinstall Ancestris.

Please follow the reinstallation instructions in this case.