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Options Menu

This menu regroups the main actions to customize Ancestris.


Each of these actions is described below.

When the action has its own description page - it is bold - click on it to get all the details about it.


Sets the user preferences and customises.

Save display settings

Saves or deletes window settings for one or all genealogies.

Configure Toolbars

Customises Ancestris toolbar.

Just check or uncheck menu items to display or hide the corresponding tool boxes. Please see Toolbar for more information.


There are also three other actions:

  • Small Toolbar Icons : reduces the icons size in the Toolbar.
  • Reset Toolbars : resets the default toolbar configuration.
  • Customise : helps you to create your own shortcuts on the toolbar and remove them.

Update Ancestris

Checks the latest Ancestris updates and installs them.

Manage plugins

Install or uninstall Ancestris modules.