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Privacy Policy

The following describes the Privacy Policy of the Ancestris software.

  • The Ancestris software is installed on the computer of the user, not on a server.
  • The Ancestris software does not include any sollicitation to promote or buy any product
  • It does not allow to buy or sell any product.
  • The Ancestris software stores all user data in Gedcom files in folders indicated by the user
  • It stores user settings in the user settings folder on the user computer
  • It does not store any user data outside of these files
  • The users controls 100% of their data and are free to erase these files or folders from their computer at any time
  • The Ancestris software does not require any login of any sort or to any web site, including the Ancestris website.
  • The only existing login that might exist is for the forum in order to get user support but it is not managed from the Ancestris software nor has any connection with the Ancestris software.

The Ancestris software works well without any Internet communication. However some functionalities require an internet connection. In this case, the Ancestris software communicates outside of the user computer in two occasions:

  • When communicating to the Ancestris server at startup, when checking for updates, when displaying geographic maps (Openstreetmap service), when looking for location names (Geonames service), and when closing the application. The only information stored on the Ancestris server in this case is the anonymous connection information. It is used by the Ancestris team to get volume traffic information and statistics. The Ancestris website and server is hosted on the OVH cloud and does not contain any user information managed by the Ancestris software.
  • When users use the "Genealogy Compare" functionality in a sharing mode. It then compares their genealogy with that of other users on a deliberate basis. Users consciously share and indicate to include private information or not. In this case, the only information potentially shared with another user is the information the other user already has, which is the common information included in a given genealogy between the two users. The information shared is limited to names, dates, locations and event types as per public genealogy records. Notes are not shared for instance.

The Ancestris software includes functionalities to produce reports and genealogy extract. Users are responsible for the resulting genealogy information they are sharing with other parties. Ancestris cannot be held responsible in case of improper information sharing outside of the software.