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An event is a notable fact in the life of an individual or a family, usually dated and localized.

While some events are necessarily unique (e.g. birth, death, burial), others may occur several times during a lifetime (e.g. marriage, occupation, residence, divorce).

The various types of events

Whether associated to an individual or a family, there are many different events.

A large number of events are predefined in the Gedcom standard and in Ancestris.

When a type of event has not been predefined, it is possible to choose the event "EVEN" which allows you to specify your own.


Predefined events for individuals

  • Adoption
  • Adult baptism
  • Baptism (give a name) (CHR tag)
  • Baptism (sacrament) (BAPM tag)
  • Bar mitzvah
  • Bas mitzvah
  • Birth (BIRT tag)
  • Blessing
  • Burial (BURI tag)
  • Caste
  • Census
  • Confirmation
  • Cremation
  • Death (DEAT tag)
  • Description
  • Diploma
  • Educational level
  • Emigration
  • First Communion
  • Identity number
  • Immigration
  • Nationality
  • Naturalization
  • Number of children
  • Number of marriages
  • Ordination
  • Occupation (OCCU tag)
  • Property
  • Religion (RELI tag)
  • Residence (RESI tag)
  • Retirement
  • Social Security number
  • Title
  • Validation
  • Will


Predefined events for families

  • Cancellation
  • Census
  • Certificates or authorizations
  • Divorced
  • Divorce filed
  • Engagement
  • Marriage (MARR tag)
  • Marriage banns (MARB tag)
  • Marriage contract (MARC tag)
  • Prenuptial marriage contract


Event properties

An event is generally dated and localized. It can have other properties.

Here is a sample of them.

  • Date (tag DATE): date the event took place
  • Place (tag PLAC): location where the event took place
  • Agency (tag AGNC): the institution or individual validating the event
  • Cause (tag CAUS): the cause of the event, such as the cause of death.
  • Type (tag TYPE): a short description of the type of event
  • Sources (tag SOUR): links to source documents
  • Notes (tag NOTE): notes or comments about the event
  • Multimedia element (tag OBJE): links to multimedia illustrating the event