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Setting a goal

You will soon realize that the genealogist's work is exponential and can go in all directions.

So you will have to set yourself limits if you want to do a quality work.

The following points are only examples of choices to be made to delimit a research perimeter that can be achieved in a lifetime.

Whose genealogy?

Define whose genealogy will be developed:

  • Yours
  • Your wife's
  • Your family's, starting with your children or grand children
  • That of a close relative
  • A friend's.

Over how many generations?

Define the number of generations to be identified:

  • All the way back to the great-grandparents
  • Back to Independence day, the French revolution, the first English settlers, back to William Shakespeare birth, etc.
  • Back to the Middle Age or William the Conqueror

Which branches?

Define branches to be identified:

  • All
  • Paternal lineage only
  • Maternal lineage
  • Specific ones

What descendants?

Define from which ancestors you wish to identify descendants and cousins :

  • From the highest ancestor found
  • From Great-grandparents
  • From all ancestors found

What level of detail?

Define the level of detail to be obtained for each individual

  • According to its generation
  • Systematically have the sources of all acts
  • Only Birth, Marriage, Death
  • The maximum number of events