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Generate ID numbers

This function renumbers the entities of your genealogy by redefining their identification number.



The window that appears presents two main choices.

  • Mass renumbering for a category or all categories of entities.
  • Renumbering on one single entity.

In mass numbering, it is possible to define a numbering format. This will always start with a letter.

In Ancestris, entity numbers always start with a letter.

  • I for individuals
  • F for families
  • M for media
  • N for notes
  • R for repositories
  • S for sources
  • B for submitters

Then it is possible to define a prefix, then a number of a chosen number of digits, then a suffix.

In the case of the numbering of the entities one by one, you enter the ID of the entity to renumber, and the new ID number.


    The renumbering of the entities sorts the selected entities in alphabetical order of their name and then allocates number "1" to the number of entities, without leaving any number empty, and according to the the formatting provided.

    For single entity numbering, use the red arrow button to choose the current entity.

    If you indicate an existing ID, Ancestris warns you with a message to the right of the button.

    For the new identifier, Ancestris tells you if the chosen identifier is free and is not already allocated to an entity in your genealogy.


    Whether in case of mass or individual renumbering, Ancestris displays the following message when it is completes successfully.




    There is no specific customization for this tool.