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Tools Menu

This menu regroups all the tools to explore, manipulate and analyse genealogical data.


Each of these actions is described below.

When the action has its own description page - it is bold - click on it to get all the details about it.

Certain menu actions only apply to the selected genealogy and will therefore only be available if one is open. Otherwise they will be greyed out. To enable them, open a genealogy.

Compare Genealogies

Compares genealogies that you have or that are held by other users, to find common geographical areas, with similar cities and lastnames, and similar events.

Registers Records

Lets you to enter certificates directly from registers, or use digitalized registers, to retrieve records (birth-marriage, death, other) and integrate them into your genealogy.


Helps you calculate dates from date intervals for the same or different calendars. Quite useful when you need to estimate dates to be searched from certificates already found.


Displays a simple calculator to avoid having to search for an external one.


Validate Gedcom Compliance and data consistency

Detects non-compliance with the Gedcom standard and anomalies in the genealogy.

Merge duplicates

Identifies duplicate entities and merges them.


Common ancestor

Identifies common ancestors between two individuals on your genealogy.

Quick Reports

Runs a reports directly from the menu.


Flash List

Runs the Flash List report of the selected individual.

Family Groups

Runs the Family groups report.

Close Relatives

Runs the Close Relatives report.

Lists and Reports

Provides the Lists and Reports of Ancestris, a large set of reports you can use on your genealogy, in addition to the ones described above.


Publishes your genealogy on a file or on the Internet, in a web page format. Ancestris proposes two different possibilities.


Web Book

Generates a genealogy  under the form of multiple web pages, locally or on a remote server.

Web Site

Generates simple web site pages.

Print of current view

Prints the selected view. A preview window will open.

Please note that only the Dynamic Tree view can properly be printed at the moment.