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Where are the configuration files ? (LM)

Ancestris configuration files are in the user's folder.

You can see the location of this folder on the About dialog. This dialog can be accessed from the main menu bar, Help menu.

This location depends on your operative system.

  • Windows : C:\%HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\.ancestris\<version>
  • MacOS : ${HOME}/Library/Application Support/ancestris/<version>
  • Linux : ~/.ancestris/<version>

Where <version> is the installed version number.

  • 10 : in this case, the main version
  • trunk : in this case, the daily version

There are two specially important files in the user's folder for startup and diagnostic of eventual bugs.

  • The configuration file : <user's folder>/etc/ancestris.conf
  • The log file : <user's folder>/ancestris/ancestris.log

Here are also located your preferences and customized templates.

  • Your preferences : <user's folder>/ancestris/config
  • Your personal templates : <user's folder>/ancestris/blueprints
  • Your almanacs : <user's folder>/ancestris/almanac
  • Your individual and family record templates : <user's folder>/ancestris/gedart
  • Your history of changes : <user's folder>/var/cache/ModificationsHistory

Please, check the user guide to learn what are these templates for.