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Migrate your genealogy to Ancestris (LEM)

The migration consists simply on opening a Gedcom file created by another software with Ancestris.

The expressions « Migate to Ancestris » or « Import a genealogy file to Ancestris » mean exactly the same. The migration assumes that this import is done only once for a user. Importing is an operation that a user would repeat several times.

A migration implies two types of difficulties:

  1. Abandone the original software and discover Ancestris
  2. Open the Gedcom file created by the old software with Ancestris from now on, without loosing data during the transition

The first one is not a big issue, it's just a matter of getting used to Ancestris and its interface : 'What is the name of that command ?', 'Where is that thing again ?', 'How do we do that ?', etc. Basically, it is a little bit like when we change cars : a small period of adjustment is needed, and that is it!

However, the second point may be much more difficult to manage. But Ancestris is there to ease the job for you.


General information on importing

You have a genealogy already created with another software and you have just chosen to use Ancestris? Good news: Ancestris is able to read any file in text format whose architecture is defined by the Gedcom standard (international standard for information exchange between genealogy software).

However, many programs do not scrupulously comply with this standard: they use various settings and parameters that are specific to them, resulting in the loss of part of the information during data exchanges between genealogists.

That is why Ancestris chose to be 100 % Gedcom !

To import a genealogy to Ancestris, two situations:

  • Either your original software is able to export your data in Gedcom format and Ancestris will read them without any problem;
  • Or your original software is not able to export your data in Gedcom format. This is quite rare, but in this case, Ancestris will not be able to read them, since the data format of genealogy software are proprietary and only known to their publishers. You will then have to re-enter all your data in Ancestris. But this time, you will not lose them again.

In the first situation, since almost all software is only partially compliant with the Gedcom standard, your original file is probably imperfect with respect to the standard, and data that you entered in your previous software may not end up in the Gedcom file produced by that same software. But once in this Gedcom, Ancestris will recover everything.

That is when you start to appreciate  Ancestris:

  • Ancestris reads any Gedcom file, even if it does not comply with the standard
  • Ancestris's specific tools were created to allow the correction of certain errors from other software. We can't correct everything, but will most certainly eliminate most of the issues

Since the format of the file to import must be Gedcom, the migration is made in two steps.

  1. The export. From your previous software, export your data in Gedcom format, meaning the software has to convert the original data format to a Gedcom file format, with the extension .ged. Any good genealogy software will do this
  2. The import. Just open the Gedcom file with Ancestris. Ancestris will automatically detect what software created the file and apply the necessary corrections

Import process

You have seen, during the guided tour, the Bourbon genealogy, bourbon.ged file. It is an example supplied with Ancestris. Let's close it and create a new one. This is just to save space, we could as well leave it open. To close bourbon.ged, click on the red cross on the tools bar.

So, let's migrate, or import, your genealogy.

From the Welcome page, click on 'Migate your genealogy to Ancestris"" or, from the menu bar, click  "Open a genealogy".

Ancestris then asks you for the name of the Gedcom file to import. Choose it and click Open.

A first message tells you that Ancestris has detected a Gedcom file from another software. In the message below, Ancestris didn't recognise the software, because I don't know yours, but Ancestris knows how to recognise the following software, listed in alphabetical order.

  • Ancestrologie
  • Family Tree Maker (FTM)
  • Genbox
  • Geneanet
  • Généatique
  • Gramps
  • Hérédis
  • Legacy Family Tree
  • Mac Family Tree
  • MyHeritage
  • RootsTrust
  • Other ("unknown, minimal conversion")

Ancestris will then explain to you what is going to happen. Click Convert.



Now, the exported file is processed following the steps below. Ancestris tells you that your file has been transformed and renamed to preserve the original. The transformed file will then be opened in Ancestris.


It's done. Ancestris gives you another message with the result of the conversion. It also allows you to see the changes made. Click on Yes to see them, click on No to close this message.

If you want to see the list of these modifications afterwards, you just have to open the Output window, via menu Windows/Output.

At the bottom of the page we listed a few anomalies found with the migration from certain software. Check your software's paragraph for more details.


ContrôleHow deto lacontrol the migration

Une foisOnce Ancestris ouvertopens surthe leconverted nouveaufile, fichierwe converti,will nousnow allonsperform maintenantsome effectuerchecks, desincluding vérificationsthose dontreported cellesat signaléesthe enbottom basof duthe messageprevious précédent,message, à savoir :namely:

  1. ToutesHas mesall donnéesmy d'origineoriginal ont-ellesdata étébeen transféréestransferred dansto lethe nouveaunew fichier ?file?
  2. LesWere fichiersthe multimédiasmultimedia ont-ilsfiles étéstored correctement raccrochés ?correctly?
  3. Reste-t-ilAre desthere any data or format anomalies dedetected données ou de format détectées parby Ancestris quethat jeI doiveneed corrigerto ?correct?


Verification desof donnéesthe transférées

imported data

IlThere yare atwo deuxways façonsof delosing perdredata desduring donnéesthe dans le transfert :import:

  1. SoitEither lesthe donnéesdata n'ontwasn't pastransferred ététo transférées dans le gichierthe Gedcom exportéfile parexported votreby ancienyour logiciel,old software,
  2. SoitEither lesthe donnéesdata onthas bienbeen ététransferred, transférées,but maisit ellesis nenot sein retrouventthe pas à la mêmesame place dansin lethe fichierAncestris Ancestris.file.

SeulOnly vousyou pouvezcan effectuerperform visuellementthese cestwo deuxchecks contrôles.visually.

LeThe premierfirst consisteis àto ouvriropen votreyour fichierexported Gedcom exportéfile avantbefore conversion parby Ancestris, avecwith una éditeurtext deeditor. texte.Explore Explorersome quelquesentities entitésand etsee voyezif sieverything toutis ythere estby envisually vérifiantchecking visuellementwith avecyour votreoriginal logiciel d'

LeThe second contrôleis consisteto àlook regarderat votreyour nouveau fichiernew Ancestris aufile moyenusing dethe l'éditeurGedcom Gedcom.editor. AllezTake voira danslook lesat entitésentities susceptibleslikely d'avoirto deshave informationsvery trèswell riches,known etinformation, vérifierand commentsee elleshow seit retrouventis rangées.arranged. LesSince mêmesthe same types d'of information ayantwere étéplaced rangésin auxthe mêmessame endroits,places, celathis vouswill donneragive uneyou indicationan desidea of the conversions effectuées.made. Aidez-vousUse dethe laOutput fenêtrewindow Sortieto égalementdo pourthis ceas fairewell (menu Fenêtre/Sortie)Windows/Output).

VérificationChecking desmultimedia fichiers multimédiasfiles

LesThe nomsnames desof fichiersthe multimédiasmultimedia utilisésfiles parused votreby généalogieyour sontgenealogy référencésare dansreferenced desin ligneslines duof fichierthe Gedcom.Gedcom file.

SiIf telthis estis lethe cas,case, ouor mêmeeven pourfor unan contrôleexhaustive exhaustif,check, Ancestris saurawill vousbe direable sito toustell lesyou médiasif sontall raccrochés.the Pourmedia celais rendez-vouspresent. dansTo ledo this, go to the File/Properties menu Fichier/Propriétéand etlaunch lancezthe l'assistant.wizard.

VoirSee l'utilisationthe deuse cetof outilthis danstool lain sectionthe correspondante.corresponding section.

VérificationChecking desfor anomalies

MêmeEven aprèsafter laconverting, conversion,it ilcan sehappen peutthat quedata lesstill donnéesdoesn't nerespect respectentthe toujoursGedcom passtandard. laIt normecan Celathe peut-êtrecase lewhen casdata quandis deswrong donnéesor sont manquantes, ou erronées.missing.

CommeSince Ancestris nedoes supprimenot riendelete duanything fichierfrom d'origine,the maisoriginal nefile, complètebut pasdoes nonnot pluscomplete desmissing donnéesdata manquantes,either, lacompliance conformitéwith avec la normethe Gedcom peutstandard restermay imparfaite.remain imperfect.

ParMore, ailleurs,the ilgenealogical sedata peutitself quemay lescontain données généalogiques elles-mêmes contiennent des incohérences.inconsistencies.

CeThis contrôlecheck peutcan êtrebe effectuéperformed parfrom la fonctionnalité duthe Menu / OutilsTools / Gedcom / Vérification normeValidate Gedcom etcompliance Anomalies.and data consistency.

ChaqueEach anomalieanomaly estis listéelisted etand vouscan pouvezbe lacorrected. corriger.It L'idéalis estbest deto ledo faireit avecwith l'éditeurthe Gedcom careditor, c'estbecause leit plusis the most transparent suron lesthe informationsinformation contenuescontained dansin lethe fichierGedcom Gedcom.file.

VoirSee l'utilisationthe deuse cetof outilthis danstool lain sectionthe correspondante.



ModificationsModifying ouor ajoutsadding d'informationsinformation

UneOnce foisimported importéeand etthe leschecks contrôlescarried effectués,out, votreyour généalogiegenealogy estis êtreready pourto êtrebe enrichie.enriched. VousYou pouvezcan yadd ajouterother d'autresindividuals individusor oumodify modifieror ouadd ajouter des informations.information.

PourTo cela,do simplementthis, pourchoose laan priseindividual en main, choisissez un individu sanswithout parents defrom votreyour arbrefamily généalogiquetree enby cliquantclicking dessus,on etit, voyezand commentsee luihow créerto descreate parents etand dessiblings frèresfor ethim sœursby enreferring vousto reportantthe à laprevious page précédente "CréeCreate votreyour généalogiegenealogy".



ProblèmesIssues identifiésidentified parby d'autresother utilisateursusers lorsafter de l'importation importing

BeaucoupMany desoftware logicielsdoes nenot respectantrespect pasthe laGedcom normestandard, Gedcom,it ilis estvery trèslikely probablethat queyou vouswill constatieznotice quelquessome problèmesproblems liéswith à lathe migration deof votreyour fichier.file.

PourFor tousall lessoftware logicielsrecognised reconnus parby Ancestris, nouswe avonsalready déjàperformed effectuéthe lesappropriate conversionsconversions, adéquates,and etyou vousshould nenot devriezencounter pasany rencontrerdifficulties, deunless difficultés,there saufhave sibeen deschanges évolutionssince ontour eu lieu depuis nos

PourFor lesothers autres,unknown, nouswe vouswelcome invitonsyour àopinion. nousWe enwill fairewrite part.them Nousdown lesbelow noteronsfor ci-dessousthe pourbenefit leof bénéficeother d'autresusers, utilisateurs,while enwaiting attendantto debe pouvoirable faireto simake possiblethe les développements decorresponding conversion correspondants.developments if possible.

NousWe necan pouvonsonly parlerfix queproblems desreport problèmesby quethe lesusers. utilisateursParticipate nousenhancing ont signalés. Participez à l'amélioration d'Ancestris enreporting nousissues lesto signalantus paron le biais de lathe listediscussion de discussionlist.


MigrationMigrating provenant defrom

LesThe fichiersfiles générésgenerated parby lethe site de généalogie n'ontdon't pashave l'information relative auto fournisseurthe d'information.submitter/researcher. Une telleSuch indication estis obligatoiremandatory pourto êtrecomply conformewith àthe la norme.standard.

SolutionAncestris's Ancestrissolution : Créercreate l'the information enfrom allantthe dansmenu Outils/Préférences/Données/Fournisseur


MigrationMigrating provenant defrom LifeLines

AvecWith lethe paramétragedefault par défaut,settings, LifeLines n'exportedoesn't pasexport l'information relative auto fournisseurthe d'information.submitter/researcher. Une telleSuch indication estis obligatoiremandatory pourto êtrecomply conformewith àthe la norme.standard.

SolutionAncestris's Ancestrissolution : Créercreate l'the information enfrom allantthe dansmenu Outils/Préférences/Données/Fournisseur.Fournisseur


MigrationMigrating provenant defrom Family Tree Builder

Family Tree Builder (FTB) génèregenerates deseveral nombreuxproprietary Tagstags quithat luiclogg sontthe propresfile, etrendering rendentit moinsless lisible le fichier Gedcom.clear.

SolutionAncestris's Ancestrissolution : Supprimezremove lesthe étiquettesuseless inutilestags àfrom l'aidethe deMenu laGedcom fonction/ Menu/Gedcom/SuppressionRemove d'étiquettes"tags".