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Common ancestors

This tool identifies the common ancestors of two individuals in the genealogy and displays the corresponding lineages.



For each common ancestor found between two individuals, a result window shows you the corresponding lineages.lineages and the degree of relationship.

The common individual is in the middle at the top, and the two lineages are on either side.

Men are in blue, women in pink.

You can zoom in or out with the cursor button at the top left, or with the mouse wheel.

You can export the result to a file.


The Common Ancestors search tool works in two steps.

First you specify the two individuals for whom you wish to identify possible common ancestors, and then you display the results.

The indication of the individuals is done via the following window.


Enter both individuals in the two search fields above, and their names will appear in bold in the white fields above.

There are three ways to indicate an individual.

  • Either by clicking on the button AncĂȘtres_Communs_Bouton.png which will indicategrab the individual currently displayed in the Ancestris views.
  • Or by starting to type his name,name in the search field, which will bring up a drop-down menu with the list of corresponding individuals.
  • or by selecting a family,family in Ancestris, in which case each individual in this window will be changed to the husband and the wife of this family if they exit..

Once the individuals are indicated, the calculation of common ancestors is done immediately.immediately and the degree of relationships are calculated using the definition of Civil law / Canon law drop down list box.

AllOnce thecompleted, which is rather fast even with multiple ancestors and many combinations of relationships, all common family ancestors found are displayed in the list in the, with the degree of relationship displayed between brackets at the beginning of each line.

  • The list can be sorted by descending degree of relation or by ascending name of family.
  • This list can also be exported in a CSV format file.

Click on one of thea common ancestorsfamily ancestor to see the result,resulted ofrelation thetree typeas shown at the top of thethis documentation page.

  • In the result window, it is possible to put either the husband or the wife in the center of each frame.

The dropdownExport menufile allowssection let you select a format to export the displayed resultresult. in several file formats.

Press the Save As button to export the result.


There is no customization element in this tool.tool apart from the features mentioned above.