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This function deletes data elements from a genealogy.



Your genealogy information is stored in a Gedcom file.

In this file, each piece of information is stored in a data element called a Property. Example: Name, date of birth, place of marriage, etc.

Each property is referenced by a tag. A tag is the name of the data element. See the page about the tags for more details.

The Delete function is a tool to delete a tag everywhere in your genealogy.

You can choose to delete any tag, for all categories of entity or only some of them, and you can also choose to only delete those that are empty, i.e. that have no value.



Start this tool using the Edit Menu > Delete.

The window shown above appears.

Enter the name of the tag to delete.

Indicate whether the deletion should only be done for a certain type of entity.

And then check or not the box depending on whether you want to delete this label only if it is empty or even if it is filled in.

The deletion takes place as soon as you press the OK key. There is no alert.

If you want to go back, press the Undo button on the toolbar or hit Ctrl + Z.


For example, you can delete all empty dates in individual and families events, and keep the other ones.

You would then indicate "DATE" in the tag field, you would only check the "Individual" and "Family" boxes, and you would check the box "Delete empty values only".




There is no customization of this function.