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Menu Janela

ThisEste menu gives accessacesso toa certaincertas specialjanelas windowsespeciais ande managesfaz windowsa generally.gestão geral de janelas.


Each of these actions is described below.

The actions in need of more deeper explanations will have a dedicated page, that you can find ahead.


Welcome Page

Open the Welcome page with the most common actions in a friendly manner.

Gedcom Explorer

Open the Gedcom explorer, which will show a tree list of all entities in the opened genealogies.


Open the Document window, which contains the result of the last report.


Open the favourites list, a set of files and folders that were selected with  File / Add to favourites.


Open the Output window, which contains the result of the internal commands.

For instance, the import output will return the list of changes made.

Configure Window

Configure the current window with the already discussed sub-menu that we can obtain by a right click on the window tab. See Workspace and windows for more information.


Close Window

Close the active window.

Close All Windows

Close all windows on the active workspace, the one that contains the active window.

See all windows list...

Display the Windows panel, the complete set of all open windows on Ancestris.

This allows to activate a particular window from its name.


The list of currently open windows is on the left.

The selected window is highlighted. Its description and data are shown below.

It is possible to select several windows:

  • Select the desired window and click on Activate window.
  • Select several windows and click on  Close the selected windows.

The radio Order by will sort the list in different ways.

There is another way to go straight to another window. Press  Ctrl+Tab, keep Ctrl pressed and use Tab or Shift+Tab to scroll through the list.

This will bring up a min-window with the list of open windows:


The concealed windows are last on the list and to the right. Above we can see the Gedcom Explorer window is concealed.

The lower line shows the window description, probably truncated.

Active window in full screen

Check this option to move the active window to full screen, or return it to the previous state.

Ancestris in full screen

Check this option to move Ancestris to full screen, or return it to the previous state.