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Print of current view

This function prints the current view.


At this stage, only the Dynamic Tree view can be printed properly.

If other views can be printed, it is accidental and the rendering will probably not be of the quality you expect.



As soon as the action is launched, the Print Preview window appears. This is the one displayed at the top of this page.

In the example, you can see that the tree will be printed on 54 pages.

The different buttons allow you to zoom in or navigate from page to page.

The Page Setup button displays the window to adjust the size of the print sheets, the margins and the portrait or landscape format.




To further customize the printout, you need to set the print options.


The Print Options button allows you to customize the printout.


The zoom section set a number of pages in the width and height.

It is useful to try different margins as well if you want to reduce the number of pages and make the connections from one page to another as small as possible.



There is a tutorial on printing trees. It is in French and in PDF format. You can download it here.