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What is the biggest genealogy Ancestris can handle ? (LM)

Ancestris works perfectly fine with genealogies of several dozens of thousands individuals.

You can Ancestris to work with several genealogies at the same time..

We recommend a 4 Gb memory for very large genealogies.

Ancestris can open and manage a simple genealogy of 600 000 individuals.

For very large genealogies, we recommend that you change Ancestris's startup parameters to increase maximum memory size for Java. It is as simple as changing a line on Ancestris's configuration file. Check the location of the configuration file.

  • Parameter to change: change -J-Xmx to 8Gb.
default_options="-J-Xmx8g --laf Nimbus --branding ancestris --locale fr -J-Xms96m"

We also recommend, if needed, to reboot your device and start only Ancestris and nothing else, so that all memory will be available.