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Relation between windows (M)

A series of windows for each genealogy

When you open a genealogy in Ancestris, probably several windows will open :

  • views  : tree, chart, timeline, map, entity card, entity table, etc.
  • editors : Cygnus, Aries, Gedcom

If we have several genealogies open simultaneously, we will also have several series of these windows : one series for each genealogy.


Synchronising  windows of the same genealogy

Windows of the same genealogy are linked in between themselves and their content is updated accompanying the current selection.

At every second in Ancestris, a genealogical entity (an individual, a family, a source, etc.) is the center of the action. It is the entity selected on the workspace.

Once an entity is selected on one of the windows, the others will adjust to display the vue's specific information for the selected entity.

For instance, if you select an individual on the dynamic tree, you will also see him on the editors and on the entity table.

This synchronisation behaviour occurs only when the relevant view contains the selected entity.

Counter-example : the dynamic tree only shows ancestors and descendants of a given root person. If, let's say on the entity table, you select an individual that is neither ancestor nor descendant of that root individual, the content of the dynamic tree will not change.

Another example, if the selected entity on the dynamic tree is an individual and not a family, and the entity table is in family mode, the table will also not update.

This synchronisation behaviour also does not occur when the entity in a view is "pinned".

It is possible to block the syncing between windows from a few of them (Cygnus editor, Gedcom editor, dynamic tree, for example) by clicking on the pin buttons  ( pin-button.png ) at the top bar of the views/editors.