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Navigation Bar

The navigation bar allows you to navigate forward and backward in the navigation history, i.e. the list of all the entities successively selected since the opening of the last genealogy.



The navigation bar includes three buttons to navigate in the navigation history.

These buttons are disabled when the list is empty.

Left arrow button

Select the previous entity in the list.

Right arrow button

Select the next entity in the list.

Down arrow button

Displays the navigation history in order to directly select the entity you want.



As soon as a genealogy is opened in Ancestris, the navigation bar stores in a list all the entities that you select successively.

It is possible to revisit an entity you have selected previously, and then go back to the entity you have last selected.

  • The list is multi-Gedcom compatible: it stores the entities of several genealogies open at the same time in a single list.
  • The list is multi-category of entities: it stores all the categories of entities in a single list.

The list resets to zero as soon as a genealogy is closed, even though a genealogy remains open which had navigation history content.


The following picture shows a navigation history of 12 entities from the Bourbon and the Kennedy genealogies. As you can see, both genealogies are open at the same time.

The navigation history can have individuals, families and all the other categories of entity.


The current entity showing is the description of Jackie Kennedy in the Cygnus editor. In the navigation history list, this entity appears in bold.

A click on one of the lines selects and displays the corresponding entity, without deleting the list. As you can see, the user is apparently choosing now to go back to the Louis XIV entity.