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If you master the Java programing language, or if you are designing icons, you are welcome to help. Please let us know.


Developing Ancestris is a long term commitment. You will be responsible for creating and owning features that several thouszandthousand of users will use and you will be accountable for it.

These developments will also have to "fit" with the rest of the software so as to offer a smooth and consistent user experience.

These developments will have to match a certain quality of coding in order to be leveraged by other developers and reusable potentially.

Last but not least, you will join a team. We will help you integrate our team, you will need to help us help you.

If all that is ok with you, please email to let us know of your intention.

Please provide your name, a login and a password in the email. We will create an access to the source code and we will set you up.

What you will need:

  • Java development kit
  • Latest verdionversion of Netbeans

Once these two packages installed, you will be able to retrieve the Ancestris code.

Retrieving the source code and starting to code

In Netbeans, go to "Team" > "Subversion" > "Checkout".

Accessing the code

  • In the URL, type in (type "http", and not "https").
  • Use the login and password you did received from us. Anonymous access exists but it does not allow you to make changes to the code. The anonymous access is with login "anonymous" and password "password".

Downloading the code

  • Forlder:Folder: trunk
  • Revision: HEAD
  • (x) Skip "trunk" and only extract its content
  • Fill in th directory name where you want the code to be stored.
  • Local folder: anything you like. For instance:
    • /home/johnny/svn/ancestris on Linux
    • C:\Users\johnny\Documents\svn\ancestris on Windows
  • (x) Search NetBeans project after checkout.

Then click "Finish".

Once the code is downloaded, two project folders are available: AncestrisCore and AncestrisExtensions.

You are then able to make changes to the code.


Improve Ancestris design and icons

If you are willing to share you design capacities to Ancestris user interface or graphical design, this is very simple.

Let us know what you can do and we will arrange the best way to integrate your contributions.


Thank you very much in advance for your help and contributions