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Join (M)

The association requires a meer voluntary participation to become a member.

The 3 possible membership choices are:

  • Gold Sponsor Member: € 20
  • Silver Benefactor Member: € 10
  • Bronze Admiring Member: € 5

Your membership in the association will allow you to appear in the list of members.

To become a member of the Ancestris association, you just need to:

  1. Pay your contribution, according to the payment methods below:
    • Use the form below or go to the helloasso-logo.jpg site to make secure payment,
    • or make a transfer to the IBAN of the association,
    • or send a check to the association's headquarters at the address:
      Ancestris, 8 bis rue Jean Minaud, 92430 Marnes-la-Coquette.
  2. Then write to the association, at, to express your intention to join.

Proceed to your Ancestris membership and your subscription:

Membership is final from the first subscription. The subscription is annual. It is collected by HelloAsso.