Web Site

The Website generates a mini web site allowing you to browse your genealogy locally on your computer or on a private or public site over the Internet.




For your personal use or for your relatives, the generated pages will give access to the information of all the persons present in your genealogy in the form of a pleasant navigation in their usual internet browser.

The website is a set of pages that you will be able to read with any Internet browser, on any computer.

It is not necessary to send your information to a website.

The generated site is a set of files and directories that you will deposit on any support (hard disk, CD, USB key, your website...), or that you can send to a relative in a private way.

You can also choose to create the pages in another language in addition to the English pages.

Generated pages

The first page of the site gives an overview of your genealogy.

Indexes give access to pages for all individuals and sources.

For each individual, you have his/her mini-tree over 4 generations, his/her information sheet, his/her parents, his/her notes, his/her sources.



The website is very easily generated. Just choose the action from the Menu / Tools / Publication / Website.

Ancestris asks you for a location to write the files that will make up your site.

The indicated directory must be empty. The files in it will be deleted in any case. Ancestris warns you if this is the case.

Once the directory is chosen, the site is generated immediately.

The following window appears to give you the result of the generation. You can close it afterwards.


At the end of the generation, your browser opens and displays the home page of the generated site.

If you want to see the pages of the website again closing the browser, it is not necessary to regenerate the site. Just open the file index.html which is located in the directory you specified to generate the site.

Furthermore, in case you would like to copy your site to another medium or send it by email, you can compress the directory containing the files.


The generated pages are customizable through the Preferences Extensions page, Website tab.


The customization options are rather explicit. Let us focus on the less explicit ones.










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