Reinstall or upgrade Ancestris

There are several situations where you may need to reinstall Ancestris, but they all end up following the same steps described below.

Situations to justify reinstallation

Reinstalling Ancestris on the same computer

In all those situations, your action will result in reinstalling Ancestris.

When reinstalling Ancestris, you will automatically be able to preserve your customizations.

It is up to you to decide if you want to reinstall Ancestris at the same location on your computer or not.
In either case, we recommend you to get rid of the former Ancestris instance and replace the Software files.
In case you were to keep two different instances of Ancestris on the same computer, Ancestris might get confused as there is only one set of user settings.


Reinstalling Ancestris on a second computer

If you are to install Ancestris on a second computer, just proceed as a regular first-time installation.

If you want to have the same user settings on both computers, you should first copy the user settings folder from one computer to the other one.

Alternatively, you can also use the export button of the Ancestris preferences window.


Reinstalling stable version 11

To reinstall the main version, while preserving your user settings, just proceed as a regular first-time installation.

It should be much quicker as Java should already be installed and your Ancestris launcher is already set.

In practice, it will consist of simply replacing the 5 folders listed in the following steps.


Reinstalling daily version 12

To upgrade from the main version to the daily version, or reinstall the daily version, follow the instructions below.

You have two possibilities:

In the first situation, erase the previous Ancestris application and reinstall the new one.

In the second situation, follow the steps below:

In case some settings no longer work, or are not compatible with the new version, please refer to the User settings page if you want to manage them yourself.




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