Media viewer

The Media viewer displays all the media files of the genealogy in one single window.

You can visualize all of them easily with filters and sorting possibilities. You also identify how they are used the genealogy.

The Media viewer can be accessed from the Media manager and from the Cygnus editor.



All media files appear in the list as pictures. For media files like video or sounds, they appear as simplified icons.

On top of the list of pictures are some filters and a sorting choice.

When a media is selected, its image appears on the left-hand-side with its characteristics.


Pictures appear dynamically as you scroll.

Once the pictures have appeared once, they are quicker to appear the next time you scroll.

Right-clicking on a picture lets you select it in the other Ancestris editors.

Titles that appear underneath the pictures are the media titles used in the genealogy if you have provided them, or else the name of the entity it is attached to, or else "Multimedia" if it has no title and is not used in the genealogy.

A note at the bottom of the window specifies how the title was generated and associates it to a color.


A number of filters can be used to reduce the list of media files to be displayed, for quicker search.

The search filter lets you enter any string of characters that Ancestris will use to match the title, the file name or the hosting entity of the media files.

A button next to the search filter unfolds the other filters or hides them.

Filters include the type of Event or Entity the media file is attached to.

It includes also whether the media file is used or not, whether it is found or not,  local or remote, mono-file or multi-files, as entity or as property.

The filters help you quickly clean your genealogy from unwanted media files.

Unwanted media files are generallythe ones which are either:

Sorting choices

The list of media files can be sorted based on their Title, their File name, their folder location or their frequency of usage in the genealogy.

Media characteristics

The characteristics of the media file are displayed under the image.


Usage is pretty straight forward.

You can select multiple filters at a time.

The values and information provided in this window match the information provided in the Media manager window.

It is to be used in association with the media manager when it comes to organising and cleaning your media files.


All filters, sort criteria and fold/unfold of filters are memorised for the next time you open the Media viewer.

This customization is attached to a Gedcom file. That means that two different genealogy files have different settings.

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