Information Sheets of Individuals/Families

This report produces summary sheets of individuals or families, trees, narrative sheets, in a totally customizable way.

Individual sheet of the standard model


Family sheet of the standard model


The Philosophy of this report

The philosophy of this report is to allow each user to create customized sheets, both for the information to be included and for the layout.

To make this as simple as possible, this report is therefore based on templates that the user can modify.

The current version offers many different templates.

The templates consist of several editable files that are located in the user directory.

This report is also called the Gedart Report.

Gedart is an acronym meaning "GEnealogical Data Analysis and Report Tool".

In the word "gedart" we also have two components: GED and ART, i.e. presenting genealogical data in an artistic way or "use your artistic talents on your genealogical data".

How to launch the report

1. This report can be launched either from the Lists and Reports window to generate all the records of the entire genealogy,


or from a given individual or family by right-clicking and using the Context menu, to manage only the record of a single individual or family.

When you launch this report from the Lists and Reports window, Ancestris runs the reports with the selected individual or family and the close relatives. If the Advanced search results includes individuals, they are used instead.

Do not run this report on a large genealogy.

Run this report individual by individual, or family by family ideally, or on a small number of individuals.

The generated html file would have a size that your browser would not be able to handle and you would saturate your computer's memory. A warning message will alert you if the size seems too large.


2. Then, in the options of the report, make sure that the options meet your needs and choose the template from the first "Used model" option. This drop-down menu lists all the templates available. This is where templates that you can create yourself should also appear.


The checkboxes are self-explanatory.


3. Once you have chosen the options, launch the report like the others using the "Start Report" button.

The report asks you for an output directory and file name to save the report.

The report execution window appears and displays "Completed" if everything went well.

Then your browser opens and displays the result.


Models provided

The models - or templates - provided will give you a good idea of what can be produced as a result.

Ancestors trees

Tree over 5 generations

Displays the ancestry over 5 generations of an individual, on a single page, in a graphic and colorful way.


Tree over 10 generations

Displays the ancestry over 10 generations of an ancestor by displaying successively pages of 5 generations that are printed on different pages.

The report generates an html file in which page breaks are embedded.


Decorative tree

Displays on a single page a vertical tree with four generations of ancestors and their marital status information.

This tree is displayed on a tree image in the background. Feel free to replace this background image named "oaktreeC.jpg" with another image. It is located in the directory you chose for the output report at launch.