This function exports all or part of a genealogy to other software or genealogy sites.

This software or this site must be able to read a file in Gedcom format.



Why export a Gedcom file to another Gedcom file?

You are probably wondering why an export function would be necessary with Ancestris since the file used by Ancestris to edit a genealogy is already in Gedcom format.

In fact, genealogy software and genealogy sites around the world may have slightly different interpretations of the Gedcom standard. It is necessary in this case to modify the arrangement of the data to be correctly interpreted by the software or the site which will read your genealogy.

In addition, you may wish to use only part of your genealogy in the site.

For these two reasons, the export function has been created, to make your life easier.

To date, Ancestris supports exports for 3 genealogy sites only.



This tool is launched from the File menu.

In the File menu, you select Export and then the site you want to export to.

The window presented at the top of this page is displayed. This is where you specify if you want to restrict the data to be exported.

This window is similar to the Save window.

Once the export file name is specified, press Export.

In the case of Geneanet, please refer to the corresponding instructions for the Geneanet export.



There is no customizable element in this export.





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