Age calculation

This function calculates ages of all the individuals at their respective life events.



All individuals of your genealogy have life events that are usually dated.

It is often useful to document directly the age of the individual at each event. This is done using an age attribute, which is a tag added to the event.

The age information is either automatically added when a date event is added or modified (please refer to the Edit tab of the Preferences); or else you can use this tool if you want to force all AGE tags to be added or updated.

The Age calculation function is a tool to updated all AGE tags in your genealogy.

For an individual, all individual and family events are considered to calculate ages. In a family event such as a marriage, ages appear under the HUSBand and the WIFE tags of the event tag.

The above window explains the basic of what the tool does. 4 settings are available:

All ages that are in grey background are displayed only and not stored in the Gedcom file. As a result, next time you open the genealogy, the corresponding age tags will not be displayed unless you recalculate the ages using this tool.


Ages are generally useful in the editors:

Ages can also be used when sorting the entity table. Generate the ages then sort the entity table on the Age column.


To generate all ages:


The modifications apply immediately.

Press Undo in the menu bar, or hit Ctrl + Z, to cancel your changes and try other settings.


For example, you can see below that:







The "Use christening" options is part of the Preferences. (please refer to the Data tab of the Preferences)








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