Install Ancestris

Install, re-install or update Ancestris on MacOS, Windows and Linux. Java pre-requisite. Files location, launch settings and user settings.

Install and start Ancestris

Read license and user rights

Ancestris is free software, licensed under the  GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE V3.

Ancestris is a free genealogy program, for unlimited time usage, and an unlimited number of individuals.

It is made available to you by volunteers.

Check our required configuration

Ancestris works on all latest MacOS, Windows and Linux platforms running Java.

If Ancestris does not start, or shows the Ancestris splash screen and stops, it is most generally related to an issue with the Java installation.

To use Ancestris, it is required to have the following configuration:

Java is a prerequisite

To use Ancestris, you need to have Java installed on your system.

Ancestris is compatible and has been tested with the version listed above.

To identify which Java version is installed on your system, other Java versions available, how to swap between Java versions, or the Java technical requirements, check out the Java installation page.

Note to MacOS users

Ancestris comes with a native MacOS launcher which requires MacOS version 10.14.4 at a minimum.

If you cannot upgrade your MacOS version to this level, you will need to launch Ancestris manually from the Ancestris script itself located here: /Applications/

If you use the manual way of launching Ancestris, you will not be able to write nor read files located underneath the Documents, Desktop and Downloads folders as per Apple security restrictions even though Ancestris is signed and notarized using the Apple platform. As an alternative, you will be able to store your files under /Public.


If you need detailed installation steps, we provide you with a step-by-step guide corresponding to your system :
Step-by-step installation guide for MacOS
Step-by-step installation guide of stable version 11 for Windows
Step-by-step installation guide of daily version 12 for Windows

What follows is the general overview of the installation and the links in case of troubles or to change launch settings.

Go to Download on the Ancestris site

Ancestris can be downloaded for free on our page via the DOWNLOAD option.


Choose your Ancestris version

Two versions are available.

All versions work on any device under any operating system that can use Java.

All versions work with all existing translations.

All versions are full versions and allow unlimited usage.

Download Ancestris

This shows the Download section of the Ancestris site.