What to expect from technical support


Support is the Ancestris technical assistance. You can get help for installation and technical usage issues. It is not ideal for simple usage questions where the forum or the list are more effective for you.

For any general-purpose questions about Ancestris, it is probably more effective for you to look at the Ancestris web site or the forum.

On the other hand, if you have issues with the software or struggle to install it, you may write an email to us at support@ancestris.org.

Someone from the Ancestris core team will reply to you. Since we are volunteers and not always available, please accept a certain delay.

To make it easier for us to help you, we will most probably need a clear description of your problem with a summary description of your computer environment.

  1. Operating system and version
  2. Java versions available on your computer
  3. Ancestris version used
  4. Screenshots of any error message or usage situation
  5. Description of what you did and what the problem is

There is an easy way to send a support request once you are inside Ancestris.


The benefit is that automatically sends us your message with a technical description of the environment seen by Ancestris.









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