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Worldwide users

Worldwide users map. Where they are. What support they can provide you.

Worldwide users

Where are Ancestris users ?

Ancestris users, who are we ?

Hard to say. Passionate people about Genealogy. People who want to leave something useful and interesting for their descendants.

Currently, the best option for you to make sure your genealogy will be able to transfer safely to next generations is to use Ancestris.

We do not want to depend on any software. We do not want our lifelong efforts to be locked in a software or a computer that can no longer be accessed or that we no longer pay for. We are all promoters of free genealogy.


Where are we?

An Ancestris users map was a great idea. For us at Ancestris, this is also a great recognition of our efforts to bring you this software, and we feel very proud every time we look at this map!

The map displays all users that wanted their name to appear on the map.

Worldwide Ancestris Users Map



How to make your name appear on the map?

The more we are referenced on the map, the better for all users.

To make your name appear on the map, please click on the map where you live. It will automatically copy the coordinates into the request form. Then click on the button that says "Please add me to the map!".

A form will appear. Just fill it in with the following information.

Press "Send request". It will send us an email that we will check and process.

We will reply to you when your name has been added.


What can the user community bring to you?

All of us are volunteers and we benefit from each others help. We help you. You help the others.

We constitute a great community and welcome new users. We have a positive spirit and are happy like this.

Feel free to post questions to the Forum or the Discussion list. We are usually very reactive.

Once you become a user, it would be great for you to be able to share your experience with other users. Have a look at the forum from time to time and you will see how easy it is to just help others.




What to expect from it. Where it is. How to use it.


What to expect from the forum and where to find it


The forum is a discussion space for Ancestris users. You can look for answers to previous questions, check news announcements, and provide answers to others' questions. Anything about Ancestris can be asked here, from installation to the most sophisticated genealogy situations.

The Forum


You can lookup through previously asked questions.

If you do not find the answer to your problem, feel free to post a question. Someone will answer you, either from the Ancestris core team or from other users.

In order to post a question, you need to register. It is free and does not require any commitment.

How to access the forum

Ancestris forum can be accessed on or from the Ancestris web site under INFORMATION.

The forum is available in several languages.

You may choose to be notified when a question is posted or when it is answered.

By default, no notifications are sent to you.

As opposed to the discussion list, the forum is a place you go to. The discussion list goes to you every time somebody writes to the list. Also, the discussion list does not allow you to see emails prior to your subscription.

Helping others

When reading posts on the forum, feel free to reply to questions you know answers to.

You will most likely be thanked for your help.

It becomes much easier later on to ask a question yourself!




Discussion list

What to expect from it. Where to find it. How to subscribe and unsubscribe. How to use it.

Discussion list

What to expect from the discussion list and how to subscribe

The discussion list allows registered users to share questions and news by email.
You will receive emails from this list coming from other users, and you will be able to send questions to other users as well.

Emails you will receive will look like the one below.  


To this list, you may post any question related to Ancestris usage, declare bugs, ask for help or make suggestions.

You will also receive news about Ancestris.

Traffic on this list is quite low so feel free to use it. If you think you may receive too many emails, you may prefer to use the Forum to get some help.

Subscribe to the list

When you subscribe, you actually register an email address.

You will have to use this address to post on the list.

To subscribe, please send a simple email request to us by clicking here 

Unsubscribe from the list

To unsubscribe, you have to use the same email address that you used to register.

To subscribe, please send a simple email request to us by clicking here 

How to change my email address

If you need to change email address, first unsubscribe using the former email, and then register with the new one.

Please refer to both procedures above.

Helping others

Most questions received on this list are from users asking for help.

If you think you know the answer to their question, please share your experience and reply to them.




What to expect from it. How to contact it. Who's behind it.


What to expect from technical support


Support is the Ancestris technical assistance. You can get help for installation and technical usage issues. It is not ideal for simple usage questions where the forum or the list are more effective for you.

For any general-purpose questions about Ancestris, it is probably more effective for you to look at the Ancestris web site or the forum.

On the other hand, if you have issues with the software or struggle to install it, you may write an email to us at

Someone from the Ancestris core team will reply to you. Since we are volunteers and not always available, please accept a certain delay.

To make it easier for us to help you, we will most probably need a clear description of your problem with a summary description of your computer environment.

  1. Operating system and version
  2. Java versions available on your computer
  3. Ancestris version used
  4. Screenshots of any error message or usage situation
  5. Description of what you did and what the problem is

There is an easy way to send a support request once you are inside Ancestris.


The benefit is that automatically sends us your message with a technical description of the environment seen by Ancestris.