Enhance the User Guide

Improve the Ancestris User Guide, provide examples.

User Guide

You have a bit of time and think the User Guide could be improved? Please let us know and help us to enrich it.

The User Guide can be found in this section.

A User Guide about a software program is never complete enough and needs regular updates. So is the case for Ancestris User Guide. We want to get most users autonomous very quickly.

As a consequence, we want to keep the documentation simple and easy to learn, but at the same time we need to cover an extensive number of functionalities.

Contributing to writing the documentation will help you improve your knowledge of the software. You may even discover useful functionalities for yourself.

If you decide to help us with the documentation and want to raise your hand,  please email support@ancestris.org.

We will show you how easy it is to update the User Guide without taking too much of your time.