Donation to the Ancestris association, its mission and its members

Mission and Resources

Ancestris association mission. Resources. Members.

Mission and Resources


The Ancestris Association was created on June 20, 2015 and published in the French Official Journal on Saturday July 18, 2015.

The primary mission of this organisation is to promote the presence of Ancestris in genealogical or computer events.

It goes without saying that the association wants to support software development and ensure its sustainability.

Mission and Resources




Proposed to associations declared by application of

the French law of July 1, 1901 and the decree of August 16, 1901.



An association governed by the French law of July 1, 1901 and the decree of August 16, 1901, having the title ANCESTRIS, is founded between the members of these statutes.
It may be designated by the acronym, if applicable: ANCESTRIS



The purpose of this association is the development of the ANCESTRIS genealogy software, the animation of the community of developers, translators and users, and the promotion of the application in public and private spaces.



The registered office is set at

8b rue Jean Minaud
92430 Marnes-la-Coquette

It may be transferred to any other place by simple decision of the office.



The duration of the association is unlimited.



The association is made up of founding members and active members.

The founding members are natural persons who contributed significantly to the inception and development of Ancestris and the association. They are not required to pay a contribution. They use Ancestris for their genealogy on a personal basis.

Active members are natural or legal persons who must be up to date with their subscription and be approved by the board, which is not required to justify its decision. They generally use Ancestris for their genealogy on a personal basis but are not required to do so.

Volunteers are natural or legal persons who help the association on a voluntary basis without being members. For example, they support the association with developments, translations, or they help users, all without compensation.



The association is open to all, without condition or distinction, provided that an annual subscription is paid. The office is free to refuse membership without having to justify its decision.



Active members pay an annual subscription. They each have the right to vote at General Meetings.
Founding members are not required to pay an annual subscription. However, they each have the right to vote at General Meetings.
Volunteers do not pay an annual fee and have no voting rights.
The amount of the annual membership fee for active members is set by the board and can be reviewed annually.
The members of the Association cannot receive any remuneration for the functions which are conferred on them.



Membership is lost by:

a) Resignation;
b) Death;
c) Cancellation pronounced by the office.



The association is independent.
She can also join other associations, unions or groups by decision of the board.



The association's resources include:

1. Donations
2. Contributions
3. Subsidies from all sources
4. The products of events or meetings that the Association would have to organize, including objects that could be sold on these occasions
5. The sale of publications or services that the Association would have to carry out or sponsor.
6. Any advertising revenue
7. All other resources authorized by the legislative and regulatory provisions which govern the law of non-profit associations



The ordinary general assembly meets every year.
Fifteen days before the date fixed, the members of the association are convened electronically by the secretary. The agenda is indicated on the summons.
It includes all members of the association in whatever capacity. The office can decide to invite any person of its choice.
The president, assisted by the members of the office, chairs the assembly and explains the moral situation and the activity of the association.
The treasurer reports on his management and submits the annual accounts to the assembly for approval.
The decisions of the general assemblies are taken by simple majority of the votes of the members present or represented. If this quorum is not reached, a new general meeting is convened electronically, with the same agenda, within 15 days. During this second meeting, the assembly validly deliberates regardless of the number of members present or represented.
The powers to take part in the votes must be done electronically. The general assembly hears, approves or rejects the report presented to it by the bureau, as well as the accounts for the previous financial year; it also rules on appeals presented by members struck off by the bureau and generally on all questions put on the agenda.
The decisions are binding on all members, including those absent or represented.



Extraordinary general meetings can only have the purpose of statutory modifications, the dissolution of the association, or major acts that may relate to real estate. Amendments to the statutes can only be made on the proposal of the bureau.
The president or two-thirds of the active and founding members can cause the meeting of an extraordinary general assembly.
The methods of convening are the same as for the ordinary general meeting.
The decisions of the extraordinary general assemblies are taken by a majority of 3/4 of the votes of the members present or represented. If this quorum is not reached, a new general meeting is convened, with the same agenda, within 15 days. During this second meeting, the assembly validly deliberates regardless of the number of members present or represented.



There is no Board of Directors. The Association is directed by an office.



The board meets at the request of one of its members, in physical presence or remotely by electronic means.
The board is made up of 5 members: a president and four vice-presidents. One of them is Treasurer.
The members of the board are chosen from among the members of the association.
The possible renewal of members of the bureau is decided by the bureau.
The office alone is empowered to determine the evolution, development, distribution and distribution of the software. Everything related to software is the responsibility of the office.



All member functions are free and voluntary. There may be reimbursements of expenses occasioned by the performance of their role in the association after agreement of the office.



The office will be able to establish internal rules, if the need arises, having the objective to specify and supplement the operating rules of the association.
These internal rules, if any, are intended to clarify various points not provided for in the statutes, in particular those relating to the internal administration of the association. It will be annexed to the statutes and will have the same force as these.



In the event of dissolution pronounced according to the procedures provided for in article 12, the association will cease without stopping the development activities of Ancestris which can be done on a voluntary basis.


Done in Le Havre, September 10, 2017
Mission and Resources


The association has no specific funding.

It only exists through the will of Ancestris users, the annual contributions of its members and donations.

Donations are used to present the software at fairs and events, and to obtain the supports and materials necessary for promotion,

For events costs we call on crowdfunding.

To collect donations, we rely on our partner helloasso-logo.jpg.



How to subscribe.


List of members


The founding members are:

  1. Frederic Lapeyre: President.
  2. Yannick Voyeaud: Treasurer.
  3. Jean Mordac: Vice-Presidents.
  4. Daniel André: Vice-Presidents.
  5. François Massonneau: Vice-Presidents.

The Bureau is made up of the founding members.

Association members

You may also become a member of the Ancestris Association by paying a subscription to the Association.

List of members:



The association requires a meer voluntary participation to become a member.

The 3 possible membership choices are:

Your membership in the association will allow you to appear in the list of members.

To become a member of the Ancestris association, you just need to:

  1. Pay your contribution, according to the payment methods below:
    • Use the form below or go to the helloasso-logo.jpg site to make secure payment,
    • or send a check to the association's headquarters at the address:
      Ancestris, 8 bis rue Jean Minaud, 92430 Marnes-la-Coquette.
  2. Then write to the association, at, to express your intention to join.

Proceed to your Ancestris membership and your subscription:

Membership is valid for one year starting from the subscription day. It is collected by HelloAsso.

Unfortunatelly, this form is only provided in French. Hopefully you will be able to get through.


List of donors. Making a donation.


List of donors

The following people are among the donors:

People are listed in alphabetical order of surnames.

A donor can choose not to appear on this list.

You can make a donation outside of any specific call.

You can donate now to the Association.


Making a donation

Why support Ancestris?

Ancestris is a free software and we have made the choice to offer it for free and unlimited.

We are volunteers. There are nevertheless costs related to our activity, and we incurr them at our expense.

These costs represent, for example, computer hosting for Ancestris, means of communication and travel to genealogy events on occasions.

For important genealogical gatherings, we are often asked for insurance and contributions which are excessive in the context of our volunteering.

By providing us with financial support, you are helping us to be present, including at these fairs.

By making a donation to the Ancestris Association, you allow Ancestris to make itself better known and to benefit from lasting operations. You will therefore continue to be able to benefit from Ancestris free of charge.

Donate now for a long life to Ancestris!

Your donation is made below using the secure HelloAsso form. Some of the information is requested by HelloAsso.

Your name will be added to the donors' list if it is not already. If you do not wish to appear on this list, please let us know in the form when it appears.

Please click on the english flag at the top if necessary, in order to view the form in English.

Should the form not work, please use this link to go to the Ancestris donation page on the HelloAsso website.